About Us

Leah Reed

Growing up I was always doing some type of art. Over time, counted cross-stitch became one of my passions.

Life changed for me in the 90’s when I developed a condition called Thoracic Outlet Syndrome (TOS). Thoracic Outlet syndrome is a repetitive type injury in that it pinches nerves and blood vessels going to my right arm, (my dominant side). My left arm did not know it was attached to my body.

My condition was so severe, that I could barely move my arm. TOS effected every aspect of my life. I no longer could do all of the things I loved. I was able to start a new career, unfortunately I was unable to utilize creativity and other loves such as gardening.

Over time, I have learned to live with my injury and slowly I have been able to figure out how to bring some of those passions back into my life. I design a garden that requires minimal amount of upkeep, which allowed me to slowly bring gardening back into my life.

Some time in 1999 I saw a gourd in a magazine and thought I could do that. It just so happen that year I had planted some gourds and harvested three. After doing some research and investing in a gourd book I cut my first gourd. Every year my gourd garden has been bigger than the year before since they don’t care for barrels. (Thank goodness for the children’s help).

Egg art crept into my radar when I was purchasing a carving tool for my husband for woodcarving, in speaking with the sales person she informed me it was great to carve eggs. I thought it was interesting and purchased some emu eggs to give it a try. We now have his and hers workstations and carving tools.

If it was not for my husband’s support I don’t think I would have ever picked up that first gourd.