Best Flexible Mold By Penni Jo – Woodland Spirits


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PJ034 "Woodland Spirits"

This lovely mold has six openings. Four are pleasant woodland spirits of whom two are feminine green-women and two are tree spirits. One is a wise, kind owl and a little knothole to grace your jewelry, fairy doors, and home decor.


Large Woodland Lady - 2 7/8 by 2 3/8 " (length by widest measurement.)
Small Woodland Lady - 1 1/4".
Large Carved Wise Wood Man - 2 1/2 by 1"
Small Carved Wise Wood Man - 1 3/8 by 7/16"
Wise Owl - 9/16 by 7/16"
Knot hole for beads etc. - 7/16 by 3/8"

Free step by step instructions are included with the mold. instructions for making the bead dangles, coloring and finishing come with the mold.

The face with leaves was antiqued with heavy body burnt Umber acrylic paint to bring out the details. Excess paint was wiped off leaving the paint in the details for a dramatic finish.

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