Chain Fruit Cholla wood Stand Less 3″ Diameter


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Our Cholla has many uses, gourd stands/basses, decorative pieces, air plants, or aquatic use for a few examples. 

Indigenous to the Sonoran Desert, the Chain Fruit Cholla variety is the largest and thickest of the Cholla species. When harvested, cut and cleaned, it has the most intricate woven patterns resembling fibrous strands wrapped in a spiraling form. Each piece is unique and no two are alike.

All of our Chain Fruit Cholla is harvested from private land, and every piece has died from natural causes; no chemicals are used to kill the plants nor are chemicals used during my cleaning process.

BLEACH Is NOT used during the cleaning process.   The Cholla is only cleaned with sand and water and the beautiful yellowish/brown colors are all natural to the wood itself.

Soaking the Cholla will be essential for aquatics use. It may take a few days for the wood to completely absorb all the water it needs in order to sink into the tank. Monitor time accordingly.

Size:  Being natural the size can vary +/- some  Between 2 -3" in Diameter x 1" high

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