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New Version - Now five diameter options Do you have trouble locating the correct foot position on your Gourds? Do you have trouble finding the perfect angle for the front of your gourd? Could you use a Gourd drying rack for your finish coat, paint, or inks etc? If you answered YES to any of the above than you need the Gourd Foot Locator. The Gourd Foot Locator makes the process of placing feet on the bottom of your gourd easy and fast! The Gourd Locator comes with everything needed to locate your feet: Select the diameter of your foot print for the legs; from 5 common sizes,1",2", 3", 4.5", and 6". Place the gourd on the 3 screws, and you can visually position the gourd on the pins (feet). When you like the position of the gourd, simply press down on the gourd. Eliminate the traditional trial and error method of taping the feet; hoping that you have the correct position. The Gourd Foot Locator includes: 7.25" x 7.25" x .75" wood base with clear finish and rubber feet 12 brass inserts 3 pointed brass screws

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