Gourd Seeds – 4″ Pear – 10 per package


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4" Pear Gourd Seeds

(Laganaria Siceraria) Size varies - approximately  3" - 5"tall Qyt - 10 seeds Non-GMO Non-Treated The 4" Pear gourd seeds look pears.  They are great to color like a pear and put them in a bowl.  They are a sturdy little gourd and make wonderful small balls when the top is cut off.  How about a chunky little snowman. Our Seeds are all grown with the Isolation and Hand pollination method; we do not have any 3rd party growers. Isolation and Hand pollination This method is the most reliable to get genetically pure seeds.  The female and male flowers are isolated with a bag or other method, then when they are both open the male flower is picked and is used to pollinate the female. The female flower is then re-isolated until the flower falls off, so that Mother Nature does not have access to the flowers at any point during the pollination time. Now even with this being said, there is still a chance that the gourd may not grow to be what we want. If the original seed was crossed before this planting then it may revert to one of the shapes that it was crossed with. But this chance will lessen with each generation. Therefore, the odds are much better with this method and you are much more likely to get the gourd shape that you wanted to grow.

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