Rotary Tool Micromoto 50/EF


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Product Description

  1. Quick-action chuck of 0.3 - 3.2mm. Primarily advantageous when working with HSS drill bits of different power, complying with DIN 338.
  2. 20mm-system adaptation. For flange mounting of MICROMOT accessories.
  3. Stable housing made of glass-fibre reinforced POLYAMIDE. With a pleasantly soft handle.

For milling, drilling, grinding, polishing, brushing, cleaning, de-rusting, cutting, engraving, signing.
- For working steel, precious metals, glass, ceramics, plastics and precious stones.
- Ideal for electronic hobbyists, model-builders, mechanics, jewellers, opticians, artists, chiropodists, dental technicians, tool and casting makers, etc.
- 12V supply allows the safe use of coolant (wet grinding and cutting)!

No. 28 512

Slim, easily handled and light.

Quick-action chuck and electronic revolutions adjustment, with feedback effect (high engine power in the lower revolutions area). Special, balanced, low noise DC motor with high life expectancy. A transformer of at least 1.0A is required for operation.   We recommend the MICROMOT  transformer NG 5/E

The speed control of our 12 volt devices only works when operated via nonstabilised power supply units (e.g. all MICROMOT mains adapters). Connection to stabilised power supply units is possible. However, the devices will then operate with maximum rotational speeds (also applies to operation with batteries).

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