BPH Interchangeable-tip Pen – READ NOTE Please

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BPH Interchangeable-tip Pen
The best interchangeable-tip pen in the world! The Razertip BPH allows you to use wire tips on your Razertip® burner. The Stainless steel screw and plates will allow you to fasten tips securely, assuring excellent electrical and mechanical contact. Before the Razertip BPH, it was a compromise: there was either a wire-and-tube system, or you had to buy an expensive tip with a special molded plug that was not rigid enough for precision work and the tips often required considerable force to remove.Great for trying new tips, tip sets, or for those special tips that you may not use very often. It can be convenient to have several BPH pens with tips installed to save time switching tips while working on projects. The BPH lets you install two tips at once for parallel lines or faster texturing (higher heat setting required and a heavy-duty cord is recommended when using 2 tips). Plain wire is available to create your own custom tips as well.The BPH is cool on your fingers, and it's built to last a lifetime.

NOTE:  Photo is of the new style -  The pen you will receive is the Original Style - This is why it is on sale.

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