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Swan Neck Lamp Kit These Lamp Kits are easy to add your gourd for a beautiful gourd lamp.

Cut a 2 ½" hole in the bottom and the top if you are adding the top piece that is optional for your design. No fussing with electrical parts.

Lamp measurements: NOTE - the total height of your lamp will depend on what size gourd you used.

Base of Lamp: 16.5 inches Height lamp  Base -  5.5 x 5.5  inches 

Includes the base, top piece,  Now comes US plug and socket

GOURD and LIght Bulb NOt Included

Imported from Europe.


**It is recommended to purchase an LED bulb for your gourd lamps now that the cost of the bulbs have come down and they are now making them for candelabra style  - it should not be higher than 40 watt equivalent.

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