Make sure your gourd is clean and free of any dirt or skin.

Masking the gourd

The masking material, is sticky on the back and will adhere to the gourd. Carefully remove the mask shape you wish to use from the backing paper. The Masked shapes are cut from a material intended for a one time use. However if, you are careful in removing them once the color has been added to the gourd, placing them back on the backing paper, you may be able to use them again.

Note: The masking material is very sticky and you must be careful not to let it stick to itself while lifting it from the backing material. In most cases if the material does become stuck to itself, as long as you have not pressed down on the material. It can be separated by carefully using a craft knife.

Small shapes can be lifted using a craft knife. For larger shapes (the Fern shapes), as you start to remove the masked shape from the backing paper keep it close to the palm of your hand and turn your hand up as you remove the shape. This will help keep the shape flat and make it easier to work with an apply to the gourd. For intricate designs you may want to use Transfer Tape or Masking Tape to lift the designs from the sheet.

Applying the masking shapes to the gourd

To apply the mask shape, allow the tip of the mask touch the gourd and roll your hand down to the surface of the gourd, applying the mask.

The mask can be adjusted by lifting it using a craft knife. Position the mask where you want on the gourd and carefully smooth out the mask. Pay attention to the edges of the mask, making sure they are smooth so the color does not run under the edge.

Continue to add more masking shapes until the pattern is what you want.

Once all your masking shapes have been applied, look at each one and make sure all the edges are flat to the surface of the gourd.

Color can now be added to the gourd using: Alcohol Ink on an applicator, thinly applied acrylics or watercolors. I do not recommend using Alcohol Ink by dripping or being applied from the bottle. An excessive amount of alcohol can cause the masking material to lift on the edges.


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