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Gourd Seeds and Growing Supplies

We sell the gourd seeds and growing supplies that Blue Whale Arts uses for isolating the gourd flowers and growing gourds in molds.

Gourd Seeds

We are working on our 2023 season seeds in the process of doing germination testing and will be posting available seeds soon.  Leah

Our seeds are grown using the Isolation and Hand Pollination method and are grown in Epping NH.  We do not sell seeds grown by third party growers.  Blue Whale Arts follows Federal and State Laws and Licensed in the state of New Hampshire.

What is the Gourd Seed Bag Isolation and Hand Pollination Method?

This method is the most reliable to produce genetically pure seeds.  The isolate the female and male flowers with a bag.  Pick the male flower when they are both open and is used to pollinate the female.  Re-bag the female flower until the flower falls off.  Pollinators do not have access to the flowers at any point during the pollination time.

Now even with this being said, there is still a chance that the gourd may not be the variety you want.  If the original seed was crossed before this planting then it may revert to one of the other varieties it was crossed with.

This method lessen the chance with each generation.  Therefore, the odds are much better with this method and you are much more likely to get the gourd variety you want to grow.

Watch a video on How we do the Isolation and Hand Pollination Method.

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Gourd Seeds and Growing Supplies

Growing Supplies

Have you thought about growing your gourds in a gourd mold?  Such as a heart, or square.  We have a nice selection of gourd molds available for sale.  If you want to see gourds growing in a mold, Leah has created some videos with gourds growing in their molds.