Mini Bouncing Snowmen Video

Blue Whale Arts offers gourd crafts classes that are for children and adults.  They are an avenue to experiment and learn practical applications with gourds. The classes are held at your location or we are available for one on one at our homestead.

We have a variety of offerings.  We can tailor to meet your needs.   We can entertain groups from Senior Citizens, Girl Scouts & Boy Scouts,  4-H’rs, Summer camp, home schooling, camp grounds, garden clubs, Ladies Night……  

Classes time:  Can range from 2 hours +

Date/Time: We work together to schedule based on needs and availability

Group Size: Depending on the project 1 to 20

Price Ranges: Depending on the project $5.00 and up

Leader:  Leah Reed

Bio: Leah Reed is a self-taught award winning gourd artist and instructor who has been creating crafts and art with gourds since 1999. 

Do not limit yourself to the photos you see here, or the website.   Call and talk with Leah Reed, owner and gourd artist about a class/workshop or creating a program for your group.