Best Flexible Mold By Penni Jo – Lady Doll Face


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PJ035 Lady Doll Face ~ Original Flexible Rubber Mold

this polymer clay mold was designed to be used to make a pretty lady doll. The skull and neck will have to be sculpted. Details how to do this below showing drawings that show the proportions of the skull to the molded face and the placement of the ears. The proportioned ears can be placed on the skull after sculpting.

There are three openings, one large lady doll face and two proportioned ears.

 The project for this polymer clay mold consists of molding and painting the face.

The face is 3 3/16 inch tall, 2 1/16 inch wide and 1 1/4 inch from back to tip of nose.
Ears are 1 1/16 inches tall by 11/16 inch wide.

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