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The Craft Template is a collection of rubber rings that Miriam Joy designed.  Available in variety different sizes and shapes.  They will become your go to tool for creating clean lines and repeat patters.     Get creative with the Miriam Joy craft templates on your gourd, wood, paper craft, multi-media projects and more.  Your projects and pattern designs are endless using Miriam Joy Craft Template.Miriam Joy Craft Template are made of 100% Goodyear Rubber.  Very flexible 1/6" thick rubber is thin enough to bend and thick enough to be durable.  Last a long time.Flexibility makes it easy for going around gourds and other materials!To see a Youtube video on how the Templates can work for you, please click on this link:
Large Circle "Inside Dimensions" are:  6.5" / 5 3/4" / 5.0" / 4 3/4" / 3.5" / 2 3/4" / 2.0 "
Made in USA

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