Gourd Light Beads from Turkey – Evil Eye Blue 8 mm – 100 beads


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Evil Eye Blue 8mm Gourd Light Beads - package 100Gourd Light Beads and Drill Bit SizesNote:  This is my experience working with gourd light beads.First, First, First - save the piece of gourd you cut out for the electrical.I found working with the beads and different types of gourd, that there is some variability in what size to make the hole for the bead.     One would think that you would use the same size drill bit for 4mm bead, but I found that the type of gourd and brand of drill bit creates some variability.Regarding the gourd, some gourds have a very hard shell with little meat such as a cannon ball, apple gourd, or basketball, thus not having as much “give” when pushing in the bead.  If you need to push so hard on it, chances are you will crack the gourd.  It is at this point, you should go to the next size up drill bit, or work the hole as described below.Using the piece of gourd you cut out for your electrical - DO TEST HOLES!

Bead Size

Start with This size first

I found some gourds  needed to use this size









If it is a close fit and/or going up the next size drill bit, the hole is too large and the bead falls through.  Use the smaller drill bit size and by hand (remove drill bit from drill) and slide the drill bit through the hole 1 or two times.Check out our video on how to work with gourd light beads Note:  the video was created prior to us having the metric drill bits available.  https://youtu.be/EKPSWgCEN8UAll Drill Bits are available at Blue Whale Arts - www.bluewhalearts.com

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