Pine Needles Glycerin – Natural Brown – One 2 oz Bundle 11″ to 14″ Read Description


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Pine Needles - Natural Glycerin

About our Pine Needles - Our Pine Needles are from GA and thy DRY naturally on the tree and are not collected until they fall on the ground. We have a dedicated person who clears under her trees before they start to fall for the season, and picks up the pine needles one to two times a day. Limiting how long they are actually on the ground. Any markings or spots on the pine needles are naturally there from drying naturally on the tree.We DO NOT pick any green needles as this may harm the tree.We then process our pine needles by washing them in an environmentally friendly detergent prior to processing them with glycerin ( and if applicable dye) and then washed/rinsed after the glycerin process.Please note we do not use bleach on our needles during any time in our process keeping the needles in their natural state.Price is for 1 bundle weighing approximately 2 oz.Similar to what is in photo - but not exact ones in photoWe try and bundle our needles by sizes -  When pulling orders we pull longest needles first i.e. bundles of 14" would be pulled if available - if you prefer the shorter i.e. 9" than please put a comment in your order.  Thank you. 

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