Through the Looking Glass – Carving Book

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For over a hundred years the story of Alice and her adventures has enchanted children of all ages. One of those who has been captivated by its charm is Tom Wolfe, and now he brings the characters to life through his carving. And more he shares his fascination with his readers.While many illustrators have brought their own imagination to Lewis Carroll’s characters over the years, Tom goes back to the drawings of Sir John Tenniel for his inspiration. Of course he adds his own interpretation, giving them a unique personality that Carroll would have appreciated.As usual, Tom leads the carver through the project with easy to follow, step-by-step instructions, illustrated in full color photographs. This is a great book for the beginner and intermediate carvers, but the patterns and guidance Tom provides will be valued by all. Size: 8 1/2? x 11? | 250+ color photos, patterns | 64 pp ISBN13: 9780887403804 | Binding: soft cover

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